Industrial / Factories

We also offer retainer based maintenance contracts with 24/7 support.

  • Welding plug installation

  • Three phase Distribution Boards

  • Control panels

  • MCC’s – Motor Control Centres

  • PLC’s

  • Motor speed control

  • VSD’S

  • Simple to complicated repairs

  • Simple to complicated installations

  • COC – Certificate of compliance

  • Complete rewiring

  • Projects of any size

  • Back-up power systems – generators and battery inverters

  • Consulting

  • Sales

  • Wired panels

  • PLC panels

  • Lighting solutions

  • Multi plug distribution

  • Dedicated plug circuits

  • Portable lighting plants

  • Portable plug plants – single phase and three phase

  • 2D schematics

  • 3D schematics

  • Electrical design

Our Products

Having a huge variety of suppliers helps us offer a huge variety of products that will suit every one of your electrical needs.


We have a massive variety of plug sockets many different shapes, sizes and colours. From single to double plugs, ones with built in 2 prong adapters and the brand new range of plugs with built-in USB charge ports for your convenience.


We will be able to meet your lighting requirements no matter what shape, size and colour you need. We have a massive variety and we can send a lighting expert to help with your decision if you are not sure. Fluorescence, chandeliers, spot lights and garden lights right through to security lights – we have it all.

DB Boards and Isolators   

We have a massive range of distribution boards (DB Boards) ready for all your needs whether it be for a new granny flat, lapa area, swimming pool or a new board for your main house. Ready boards (boards that come with plugs and lights built in) we have it all. We also have a massive variety of geyser and stove isolators. Pool timers and geyser timers.

Back-Up Power Systems

We have a huge variety of back-up power solutions that range from any size generator to any size battery inverter systems with fully integrated automatic change over switches on all our products.

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